Sunday, September 4, 2016

My first technical article - Sept 2016

I have decided to create this blog using Google's blogger. Tech DeafDave is the title I chose. I think it is apt because I am a deaf person who is a true geek. However I am working as a community manager for a little non for profit centre funded by the Archidiocese of Sydney. This area of work is challenging spiritually for me. My next career change is to get back into the computing/technical world which is my passion. Why I ended up as a community manager after working as a software engineer/application engineer/technical writer for around 15 years is another story to be written.

My technical passion lies in the following areas:
1. Coding such as Python, Delphi,  HTML 5, CSS, the Javascript ecosystem (including jQuery and HTML5 geolocation)
2. Google's web platform the mighty Polymer
3. the Electronics ecosystem especially the mighty Arduino.
4. DSLR photography - astro and macro worlds
5. Family Heritage research - stories and analytical/detective work

I will be exploring these topics as I go by. My aim is to build up my coding and writing skills to a standard that I will be able to get into Google. I will be posting diagrams, code examples, analyses and my comments.

On a side note, I have been teaching "How to use Arduino" on a regular basis to a group of deaf people and at schools with deaf kids and I have been teaching Family Heritage workshops since 2009.

Over and out,
Deaf Dave.